23. Release 0.4.0 - 2004-02-10


Release made for heritrix workshop, San Francisco, 02/2004. New MBEAN-based configuration, extensive UI revamp, first unit tests and integration selftest framework added, pooling of ARCWriters, new cmd-line start scripts, httpclient lib update (2.0RC3) and bugfixes.

23.1. Changes

Table 16. Feature

-AddNew MBEAN-based configuration system. Reads and writes XML to validate against heritrix_settings.xsd.
-AddUI extensively revamped. Exploits new configuration system.
-Add60-odd unit tests added.
-AddIntegration selftest framework.
-AddAdded pooling of ARCWriters.
-AddStart script backgrounds heritrix and redirects stdout/stderr to
-Add876516 Default launch should nohup, save stdout/stderr
-AddWeb UI accesses are loggged to heritrix_out.log also.
-AddUpdated httpclient to version 2.0RC3.
-Add763517 IAGZIPOutputStream NPE under IBM JVM
-Add809018 Cleaner versioned testing build needed
-Add872729 Cmd-line options for setting web ui username/password
-Add863317 Universal single-pass extractor