Class TransclusionDecideRule

  extended by
      extended by org.archive.crawler.settings.Type
          extended by org.archive.crawler.settings.ComplexType
              extended by org.archive.crawler.settings.ModuleType
                  extended by org.archive.crawler.deciderules.DecideRule
                      extended by org.archive.crawler.deciderules.ConfiguredDecideRule
                          extended by org.archive.crawler.deciderules.PredicatedDecideRule
                              extended by org.archive.crawler.deciderules.TransclusionDecideRule
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public class TransclusionDecideRule
extends PredicatedDecideRule

Rule ACCEPTs any CrawlURIs whose path-from-seed ('hopsPath' -- see CandidateURI.getPathFromSeed()) ends with at least one, but not more than, the given number of non-navlink ('L') hops. Otherwise, if the path-from-seed is empty or if a navlink ('L') occurs within max-trans-hops of the tail of the path-from-seed, this rule returns PASS.

Thus, it allows things like embedded resources (frames/images/media) and redirects to be transitively included ('transcluded') in a crawl, even if they otherwise would not, for some reasonable number of hops (1-4).

See Also:
Transclusion, Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
(package private) static java.lang.Integer DEFAULT_MAX_SPECULATIVE_HOPS
          Default maximum speculative ('X') hops.
(package private) static java.lang.Integer DEFAULT_MAX_TRANS_HOPS
          Default maximum transitive hops -- any type Default access so can be accessed by unit tests.
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definition, definitionMap
Constructor Summary
TransclusionDecideRule(java.lang.String name)
          Usual constructor.
Method Summary
protected  boolean evaluate(java.lang.Object object)
          Evaluate whether given object is within the threshold number of transitive hops.
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Field Detail


static final java.lang.Integer DEFAULT_MAX_TRANS_HOPS
Default maximum transitive hops -- any type Default access so can be accessed by unit tests.


static final java.lang.Integer DEFAULT_MAX_SPECULATIVE_HOPS
Default maximum speculative ('X') hops. Default access so can be accessed by unit tests.

Constructor Detail


public TransclusionDecideRule(java.lang.String name)
Usual constructor.

name - Name of this DecideRule.
Method Detail


protected boolean evaluate(java.lang.Object object)
Evaluate whether given object is within the threshold number of transitive hops.

Specified by:
evaluate in class PredicatedDecideRule
object - Object to make decision on.
true if the transitive hops >0 and <= max

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